Membership Categories & Dues

Corporations, partnerships and other for-profit entities. Dues based on annual, worldwide corporate revenues from healthcare-related business.

Large Healthcare Provider
Enterprises such as IDNs or AMCs. Dues based on adding together the following three components:

Educational Organization
Organizations with programs related to health and healthcare. Dues based on annual student enrollment.

Nonprofit professional, charitable, scientific or educational organization that qualifies under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. Dues based on annual, worldwide revenues from healthcare-related business.

Independent Hospital
Dues based on number of licensed beds.

Independent Ambulatory Practice
Includes IPAs, medical and dental practices, home health, etc. Dues based on number of clinical staff (MDs, PAs and NPs).

Public Agency
Federal, state, city, county agency, or special governmental district or foreign government agency (not including Providers as defined above). 
Dues: $300

Individuals who wish to support NCHICA or who wish to be kept directly informed of NCHICA activities. Non-voting member.

Full-time student enrolled at an accredited institution of higher learning in a program related to health or healthcare. Non-voting member.

Individual volunteering at least ten hours per month of service to NCHICA. Non-voting member.