The following resources are provided as a guide for those interested in health information technology and policies related to health information and consumers. NCHICA does not represent


Global Views on HIT Issues

Privacy and Security

Health Surveys

Projects and Initiatives

Consumer Empowerment: Consumer Access to Clinical Information Detailed Use Case (from HIMSS website)

National Partnership for Women and Families

NHIN Watch News (from Healthcare IT News)

State Alliance for E-Health Initiative--National Governer's Association for Best Practices
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State RHIO Consensus Project

Laws, Regulations and Enforcement

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office for Civil Rights--HIPAA

Summary of HIPAA Privacy Rule-Same as above, but a summary

NC General Assembly website

Readability of HIPAA Notices

Wired for Health Care Quality Act (from Senator Ted Kennedy's website)

Wired for Health Care Quality Act of 2007 (from e-Health Initiative website)

Your Rights Under HIPAA-Patient Privacy Rights Organization

Data Breaches

Chronology of Data Breaches (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse).

Health Privacy Stories (Health Privacy Project Organization)

PHRs, EHRs, other Health Technology and Information Exchange


PHR Vendors


Information Exchange

Health Literacy and Education

Technical Glossary-Patient Privacy Rights Organization

Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ )-National Resource Center for Health Information Technology-Knowledge Library
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Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)-List of Electronic Health Record Resources

North Carolina Institute of Medicine-Task Force on Health Literacy

EHealth Terms in Plain English

EHR Terminology

Glossary of Health Care and Health Care Management Terms-Provided by Health Services Information Library Information Center (UW School of Public Health and Community Medicine)

Healthcare Coverage Glossary (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Issues Based on Interest Groups

Medicare to Test Personal Health Information for Senior Citizens - Article from Senior Journal (July 2006)

Medicare Services Agency Tests Personal Health (July 2006)

Design of a Knowledge-Structured Personal Health Record for Application
in Preventive Care for the Elderly-MedInfo (2004)---Example of French Application


Consumer Empowerment in Healthcare Information Exchange: An Investigation Using the Grounded Theory Approach (2008, 396 pp). Sherrie Drye Cannoy, PhD.


Kay Center Symposium

Dorenforest Institute for Health Information (through HIMSS)

McDowell Research Center

Intro l Consumer Info